Our Family

The church is not the building. Many people have this misconception. The people you find within the walls of the building create the church.  Below are examples of the warmth and love you’ll feel within our church family.  

Lenten Season preparing for Easter Sunday!
Christmas Choir
Outdoor Christmas Scene at Church
Christmas Program-2019
2019 Christmas Program
Little Angel singing “Away in the Manger”
Preparing food for the Christmas Coffee
Pastor Karl Larson preaching.
Preparing Church Float for Auroran Days Parade.
Celebrating 25 years of Ministry for Pastor Karl and Tina.

Worship Team.
Annual Ice Cream Social for Neighbors.
Enjoying a concert by the Chengs.
Drama presentations during worship.

Singing during worship time.
Celebrating Person’s Anniversary
Josh and Ashley’s wedding day.

Organist Lorey Wadell.
Several pictures of Annual Fall Church Picnic.

Singing during worship.
Serving appetizers at Ingathering Event.
Enjoying appetizers before Ingathering Dinner.

Preparing to serve Ingathering Dinner.
Fall Ingathering Dinner.

Kitchen Crew for Ingathering Event.

12 Tables decorated for “Come to the Table” raising funds for Missions.