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Bringing Our Offering to Jesus… and Then Staying Close to Him

August 2, 2020Pastor Karl Larson10:00 AM

Jesus feeds the 5,000 with what was brought to him by his disciples.  Once they have brought the five loaves and two fish to Jesus, the disciples stay close to him so that Jesus can: take, bless, break, and then give the loaves and the fish back to them so that then can then feed the large crowd.  When we bring our offering to our Lord do we stay close to him for what will happen next?

The Unbalanced Kingdom

July 26, 2020Pastor Karl Larson10:00 AM

We strive for a balance between work, family, and leisure. Jesus gives us three short parables: the Treasure, the Pearl, and the Net, that speak of an unbalanced response as we encounter the Kingdom and its King. Can we be unbalanced enough to place Jesus and His Kingdom first in our lives?

Our Non Roundup Ready World

July 19, 2020Pastor Karl Larson10:00 AM

The world we inhabit is good, yet filled with evil.  In the Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds (Matthew 13:24-30) Jesus speaks about both the evil in the world, and also our desire to root it out.  Our call is to live side-by-side with the “children of the evil one” until the end of the age.

The Parable of the Sower

July 12, 2020Pastor Karl Larson10:00 AM

Jesus sows good seed. The productivity of the seed depends on the type of soil on which it is cast. What kind of soil might we be?

The Good Samaritan

July 8, 2020Pastor Karl Larson6:00 PM

A lawyer came to “test” Jesus.  All was going well until Jesus challenged the lawyer to “Do this, and you will live.”  Answering a question is one thing; actually doing what you are talking about is something completely different.

Properly Valuing, Esteeming, and Giving Thanks for our Nation

July 5, 2020Pastor Karl Larson10:00 AM

“As followers of Jesus, our primary loyalty is to Christ and to His Kingdom. When we put Jesus Christ first, we become free to properly value, esteem, and give thanks for our nation and the liberty it affords.”